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A growing number of people are beginning to doubt neutrality of science and technology, and a predatory-oriented economics, politics and law.

Toward A True Cost Economic Model.pdf
„This working paper offers a brief economic vision, a set of economic principles, and list of problematic trends to help respond to the challenges as we work for a better day. -- Randy Hayes“

Press Release 20150315.pdf
„Letter to the leaders of the G20: We Need To Adopt Green Infrastructure And Turn To A New Economic Model.“

Root Causes of Social and Ecological Crisis.pdf
This and the next few decades will be tumultuous. A deeper analysis of the core problems is a key step to get from false solutions to the real deal. -- Randy Hayes“

Five Ways of Being That Can Change the World.pdf
„...the fact is people from all walks of life are coming alive and coming together, impelled to create a more just and sustainable society. – Joanna Macy“