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It gives us confidence to know we share some common values and goals across the globe!

Evolutionary ontology stimulates a new conception of a universal basis for ethics
"If ethics is to be credible, it is necessary not to substantiate it by external arguments (God, moral law, social convention, the transcendental ego) because these are usually accepted by some and rejected by others." -- O. A. Funda

Toward A True Cost Economic Model.pdf
"This working paper offers a brief economic vision, a set of economic principles, and list of problematic trends to help respond to the challenges as we work for a better day." -- Randy Hayes, Foundation Earth

Root Causes of Social and Ecological Crisis.pdf
"This and the next few decades will be tumultuous. A deeper analysis of the core problems is a key step to get from false solutions to the real deal." -- Randy Hayes, Foundation Earth

Press Release 20150315.pdf
"Letter to the leaders of the G20: We Need To Adopt Green Infrastructure And Turn To A New Economic Model." -- Foundation Earth

Five Ways of Being That Can Change the World.pdf
"...the fact is people from all walks of life are coming alive and coming together, impelled to create a more just and sustainable society." -- Joanna Macy

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